Yogun Gaisuto Zanpakuto:Kurage no shiEdit


Yoguns zanpakuto turns into the Shikai form which allows him to apply deadly poison to his enemies and his hit rating is greatly increased, the downside of shikai form is that it will make him unable to regenerate health or spiritual power while using it. To apply Kurage no shi into Gochiso form he must say Gochiso(Feast) The shikai has a flesh eating poison coated on the blade. Item id=(To be determined)

---Ability:Sasorinodoku- Yogun releases some of the shikais energy into his enemy poisoning their veins so that they are paralyzed.

-Doku no kyōen- Yoguns poison inflicts a flesh eating virus in the enemies blood, Allowing him to control their muscles, But leaving his body vullnerable. And increasing taken damage by %25

Yūdoku no kyōen

Yoguns shikai becomes weaker but activating the bankai:Yūdoku no kyōen the bankai goes into his right hand as the shikai that looks very similar is in his left hand still therefor he dual wield thus the taken damage is double to %50 so that's the downside of the bankai mode. Item id=(To be determined)

Bankai Abilities

---Mottomo chimei-tekina doku no ikari:The wrath of the deadliest poisons all combine in the blades and makes the blades both glow green with poison and increases the range of Yogun Gaisutos attacks, But slowing his movement.

---O otoko no sensō-Man O War jellyfish abilities are given to the user of the sword allowing him to walk on water and inject poisonous volts into his enemies. But slowing his movement when on water and decreasing critical rating since he has to focus on walking on the water.