Noche Sangrienta
Arrancar Zanpakutō
Name of Resurreción: Noche Sangrienta
Meaning: Bloody Night
Name of Segunda Etapa: ????
Meaning: ????
Type: Unclassified Zanpakuto
Wielder: Sucorex Tamashi
Noche Sangrienta

Released Form of Noche Sangrienta

Released Abilities: Mirada, Helaba La Sangre Rugido
Segunda Etapa Abilities: Unknown

The Zanpakutō Noche Sangrienta is currently wielded by Sucorex Tamashi. It is one of the strongest Zanpakutos wielded.

Appearance of Inner Zanpakuto World

Noche Sangrienta Inner World

The inner world of Noche Sangrienta is one of dark beauty. It is dark and eerie yet beautiful at the same time. It is most noted that it has a blood-red, yet beautiful moon. There are ruins of old buildings, as well as an old castle built for royalty on an island. The water around the island refracts the light from the blood-red moon, causing the water to sparkle and glister with a dark, but beautiful blood-red tint. When you peer into the sky it is void of anything, including stars. When peering into the distance, the land seems to give off a faint red aura, caused by the moons light. It is always dark and nighttime in the inner world of Noche Sangrienta, and it is devoid of any sunlight. The only light in the inner world of Noche Sangrienta is blood-red moonlight.


  • Resurreción
    • Mirada, 視線 (Literally meaning "Gaze") Sucorex gazes at the opponent with menacing eyes, stunning them.
    • Helaba La Sangre Rugido, ぞっとさせる とどろき (Literally meaning "Bloodcurdling Roar") Sucorex roars menacingly, causing enemies to flee in terror.
  • Segunda Etapa
    • Unknown



Previous wielders



  • According to rumors, it can not be bequeath after Sucorex' demise.
  • Noche Sangrienta's Segunda Etapa is one of the only ones existing. It's name and effects are unknown, though.