BleachONLINE is a world in which the famed manga and anime, comes to life. This is an immersive MMORPG where you can join the massive story upon entering the game, and soon enough find yourself involved in protecting Soul Society, fiending as a Hollow, absorbing spirits as a Bount, manipulating souls in matter as a Fullbringer, or harnessing reiatsu as a Quincy. There are endless paths for you to take, each one being an epic journey in itself.

Welcome to the BleachONLINE Wiki

BleachONLINE is an online mod for World of Warcraft with plenty of custom content, and only in its Alpha stage of development. Look forward to flawless Kido, a revamped world, custom models, updated UI, and much, much more at and

All of the information on this wikia is based off of the game found at We give credit to the Bleach Wikia, having based our wiki and some code on "" HTML code, however, a lot of it is hand edited by us. -- Kaskade

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BleachONLINE News
  • BleachONLINE is in its ALPHA phase of development.
  • We are currently working on a ton of development, including stat algorithms, models, level editing, and much more.
  • This Wiki is currently in development.
  • BleachONLINE Wiki has strict policies which are enforced, so please ensure you are familiar with them. You can find them at this link.
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